Wills & Estate Planning

Planning for and ensuring your family’s future is secure after you’re gone is extremely important.

Taking the time to ensure you have an effective, legally binding Will, can save your family not only stress and heartache but financial implications in what will undoubtedly be a difficult time.

Arcuri Lawyers’ Will and Estate Planning Lawyers can help:

  • Advice in regard to Estate and Probate laws
  • Write a Will that maximises the inheritance for your family
  • Set up Family and Testamentary Trusts
  • Advice regarding establishing Protective Trusts for minors, special needs or persons requiring monitoring and restricted access to inheritance
  • Advice regarding to protecting family assets and property from insolvency and marriage dissolution, blended families or any other claims made possible by way of marriage, de-facto, same sex unions. eg Establishing a bloodline/ancestral Trust
  • Advice regarding protection of the family home from any future spouses once you’ve passed away to ensure your share of the family home is distributed in accordance with your wishes
  • Advice regarding choosing Executors and Guardians
  • Minimise the chance that your Will is contested and subject to Litigation
  • Advice regarding Estate Tax and financial concerns
  • Safely store your Will and other important legal documents
  • Severing Joint Tenancies
  • Advice in relation to Superannuation and Death Benefit provisions in Trust documents


At the same time as considering your Will we strongly recommend that you also put in place plans for any future incapacity through a Power of Attorney. This will ensure that if you somehow become unable to make decisions about your finances, your medical treatment or living arrangements then the person or persons who you trust to make these decisions can do so unhindered.

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